“My personal journey with Raquel has been extremely rewarding. With her encouragement and support (not to mention consistency) I have managed to implement a very healthy lifestyle once again. I have done several nutritional detox sessions with her which have helped educate what works for me. She has lead me toward making healthy choices for an ongoing journey. And helped clarify that there are no easy fixes just a consistent commitment to working on positive changes.
Finally, I have reached a point where the exercise is once again effective because I am less tired and less achy. I have lost the 40 pounds and have a new approach to aging – one that feels good and sustainable. I can not say enough good things about Raquel. She has such a gift for this work. Helping people and inspiring healthy lifestyle choices comes so natural to her. Her ability to create a community around that also has encouraged the friendships among our group that has been very instrumental keeping the journey going strong. Love this lady and feel very blessed to have found her on my journey to health.”

- Peggy G.

"I actually went into the fitness program not knowing what to expect… I was a tad insecure about working out at this level with an experienced coach… Boy, was I surprised! Exceeded any thoughts i had! My experience working with Raquel has been Nothing short of AMAZING! I was inspired by Raquel to actually pursue my personal dream of becoming a personal trainer; I DID it…

The changes I’ve experienced with Raquel have been life enforcing, physically enhancing, and mentally/spiritually supportive! Who could ask for more from a personal trainer?????

The biggest change I’ve recognized, since working with Raquel, is my physical and mental stability. What surprised me most… was that I fricken ROCKED it, and I LOVED every single minute of the 60 minute workout! And that a coach could inspire and support me and every other individual in this setting… AMAZING!

What I learned about myself since training with Raquel almost 5 years ago…too much to put into print. It has been a physical, spiritual and extremely meaningful experience to support and supplement my life in general. I’d like to say thank you. An all encompassing THANK YOU!"

- Rebecca L. 

“You are truly inspirational and I feel blessed to have found your program. Not just any program but YOUR program! It came at a time in my life where I haven’t felt well (at all) physically and emotionally. Your program makes me feel optimistic that I will get healthy and feel great again!
Your program and your coaching style have INSPIRED me in so many ways. I am so much stronger, feel so much better both physically and emotionally and last but not least … I’ve shed 12-13lbs. I am starting to wear many of my old clothes again. THANK YOU just doesn’t seem to express how I feel!”

- Angelique D. 

"Thank you so much for doing what you are doing! My favorite parts so far are your expert eyes watching over my posture and making sure I’m making the right oves, as it feels like getting one on one training…

I love being pushed to my maximum capacity to the degree where I haven’t been before. Third is the diversity of what you have us do with our body in 60 minutes, but also the places you have us meet. I look forward to next time!"

- Z

“I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started working with Raquel! I can’t tell you what a huge influence you’ve been in my life. I’ve never felt stronger, felt healthier or believed I was sexier than I do today on the eve of my wedding! Thank you for being an amazing coach, human, and mentor. You truly are a positive force in this community and life!”

- Julie S. 

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